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Price listed is by the bottle. A selection of wines are available by the glass. Please ask one of our team for details

Champagne & Sparkling

Price listed is by bottle. See description for price on 125ML

Bisol Valdobbiadene Brut Jeio Prosecco DOCG NV ITALY (V)
£ 33

The Bisol family have been making Prosecco in the Valdobbiadene region for five centuries. A refreshing and soft sparkling wine with aromas of green apple, citrus, and blossom with persistant yet delicate bubbles. £8 (125ML)

Llopart Brut Rosé Corpinnat SPAIN (VE)
£ 40

The Llopart vineyards are 100% certified organic and are made in thetraditional method. Very bright, cherry-pink colour, this Corpinnat has a fruity aroma dominated by a variety of forest fruits.

Palmer & Co Rosé Solera NV CHAMPAGNE (VE)
£ 53

Rosé Solera is a rosé champagne combining exceptional fruitiness and delicate notes of spice with fine, delicate bubbles. £13 (125ML)

Palmer & Co Brut Reserve NV CHAMPAGNE (VE)
£ 65

A rich, aromatic palate of pears, baked apples and apricots, with subtle notes of honey, dried currants and brioche. The finish is long, harmonious and structured, with a beautiful freshness. £10 (125ML)

Taittinger Brut Réserve NV CHAMPAGNE (VE)
£ 75

Light, delicate and elegant; dry, fresh and balanced with a green fruit and citrus character. It receives three to four years ageing prior to release, this results in subtle hints of biscuit and brioche.

'To share is to enjoy’


Bisol Valdobbiadene Brut Jeio Prosecco DOCG NV ITALY (V)
£ 66
Ultimate Provence AOP Cotes De Provence FRANCE (V)
£ 90


Price listed is by bottle. See description for price on 125ML / 175ML / CARAFE

Terre Forti Sangiovese ITALY (VE)
£ 19.95

This easy drinking Italian red is made from the Sangiovese grape variety and shows aromas of red cherries, raspberry with smooth tannins. £3.75 (125ML) / £5.25 (175ML) / £14.65 (CARAFE)

Argento Seleccion Malbec ARGENTINA (VE)
£ 30

Flavours and aromas are plums, dark chocolate and blackberries with some spice and pepper as well. £5.75 (125ML) / £7.75 (175ML) / £21.50 (CARAFE)

Valdivieso Merlot CHILE
£ 25.50

Lots of ripe, plummy fruit flavours which are balanced by a little bit of oakiness which adds some sweeter, vanilla flavours. £4.75 (125ML) / £6.75 (175ML) / £18 (CARAFE)

Journey's End Huntsman Shiraz Mourvedre SOUTH AFRICA (VE)
£ 35

This is a generous and fruity wine with aromas and flavours of forest fruits, cassis and blackberries. There are also subtle hints of eucalyptus and spice on the long finish. £6.75 (125ML) / £8.75 (175ML) / £25.50 (CARAFE)

Les Cotilles Pinot Noir Vin De France Roux FRANCE (V)
£ 33.50

Medium bodied and refreshingly juicy with flavours and aromas of raspberries, cherries and strawberries with some spice. £6.25 (125ML) / £8.25 (175ML) / £24 (CARAFE)

Vivanco Rioja Crianza SPAIN (VE)
£ 37

This wine has aromas and flavours of violets and red fruits, with a hint of vanilla spice. The palate is dominated by red fruit flavours, and the toasty finish is long and elegant. £6.75 (125ML) / £8.75 (175ML) / £25.50 (CARAFE)


Catena Appellation Vista Flores Malbec ARGENTINA (V)
£ 39

From the pioneers of Argentian malbec. Ripe, concentrated dark red fruit aromas with delicate floral notes of lavender, violet and mocha, with a rich, full mouthfeel and hints of leather and spices.

St Cosme Cotes Du Rhone Rouge 2021 FRANCE (VE)
£ 33

Syrah usually has aromas of peppery spice and this wine certainly does. It is a full-bodied wine with smoky aromas and flavours of blackberries.

Chateau La Croix Ferrandat St-Emilion 2019 FRANCE
£ 36

From the village St Emilion in Bordeaux. This wine has flavours and aromas of plums and blackcurrants with gentle spicy notes.

Chateau Peyrabon Haut Medoc 2008/11 FRANCE
£ 50

An expressive nose with smokey notes, ivy leaves and oriental spices. The palate has great freshness, with complex red and black fruit flavour. It is medium bodied, with robust soft tannins and a long finish.


Price listed is by bottle. See description for price on 125ML / 175ML / CARAFE

The Bulletin Zinfandel Rosé USA
£ 21

It's got a bit of sweetness for those that don't want the dry style of rosé. This wine has plenty of raspberry and watermelon fruit flavours. Juicy and light, it has a refreshing finish. £4.50 (125ML) / £6.50 (175ML) / £16.50 (CARAFE)

Cote Rosé VDP Cotes Catalanes Domaine Lafage FRANCE (VE)
£ 29

This wine is from the south of France and is made from a blend of Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It's quite rich and full for a rosé from France and has flavours and aromas of ripe strawberries and pears. £5.25 (125ML) / £7.25 (175ML) / £19.50 (CARAFE)

Ultimate Provence AOP Cotes De Provence FRANCE (V)
£ 48

Pale pink in colour, this is a top-quality rosé from Provence. Delicate and refreshing with fragrant aromas of cranberry, raspberry and strawberry. £10.50 (125ML) / £13 (175ML) / £40 (CARAFE)


Price listed is by bottle. See description for price on 125ML / 175ML / CARAFE

Finca Valero Blanco Macabeo, Spain (VE)
£ 19.95

Aromas and flavours of apples and pears with some citrus fruit. A light white wine that is perfect for a glass at lunchtime or to be enjoyed on its own. £3.75 (125ML) / £5.25 (175ML) / £14.65 (CARAFE)

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc Les Nuages FRANCE
£ 24.50

Zippy and refreshing, with crisp flavours of lime, pineapple and freshly cut grass. A light bodied and dry wine. £4.75 (125ML) / £6.75 (175ML) / £17.50 (CARAFE)

Journey's End Haystack Chardonnay SOUTH AFRICA (VE)
£ 36

Flavours and aromas of ripe peaches and citrus fruits. It has been aged in oak barrels which gives it flavours of oak and vanilla. £6.25 (125ML) / £9.25 (175ML) / £23.50 (CARAFE)

Cittá Dei Ponti Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie DOC ITALY
£ 22

This Pinot Grigio has a delicate and fruity bouquet. Refreshing lemon flavour and hints of green apples on the finish. £4.25 (125ML) / £5.75 (175ML) / £16 (CARAFE)

Vivanco Rioja Viura Malvasia Blanco SPAIN (VE)
£ 30

This white Rioja is fuller bodied but still very fresh. It has zesty lemon and white flower aromas, with green apple and pineapple. £5.25 (125ML) / £7.75 (175ML) / £19.50 (CARAFE)

Journeys End Haystack Chardonnay, South Africa (VE)
£ 36

Marlborough in New Zealand is famous for its Sauvignon Blanc and this is a great example of why. A dry, light-bodied wine packed full of bold fruity flavours of citrus fruits, passion fruit and gooseberry. £6.50 (125ML) / £8.50 (175ML) / £24 (CARAFE)


La Chablisienne Chablis Le Finage 2020 FRANCE (VE)
£ 44

Lots of white flower and citrus aromas with subtle hints of the famous Chablis minerality which is rounded off with buttery, vanilla flavours from the french oak that the wine has been aged in.

Sancerre Les Chasseignes Domaine Fouassier 2019 FRANCE
£ 53

Les Chasseignes' is the name of the specific vineyard the grapes come from. It is a dry, light bodied wine which is very crisp and refreshing. It has flavours of zesty citrus fruit and stone fruit.

Lafage Maury Grenat 2020 FRANCE (V)
£ 3.80

Deliciously sweet red wine. It is full-bodied and rich, with intense flavours and aromas of dried red fruits, chocolate and coffee.

Royal Tokaji Late Harvest 2020 HUNGARY (VE)
£ 4.50

Delicious complexity and richness, with characters of fresh and dried apricots, orange blossom and runny honey.


Price listed is by a 50ml glass. Please ask one of our team for details

Quinta De La Rosa LBV PORTUGAL (VE)
£ 5.50

A beautiful port, full of round, soft flavours paired with poise and elegance. Highly concentrated and full-bodied wine, it shows well -developed dark berries, as well as hints of dried fig and chocolate.

Quinta De La Rosa Colheita Port PORTUGAL (VE)
£ 7.75

This Colheita successfully marries two worlds - the energy and opulence of fruit from vintage style ports and the elegance and complexity of our tawnies.


Price listed is by a 50ml glass. Please ask one of our team for details

La Ina Fino Jerez NV SPAIN

Fino sherry is the lightest sherry and is very dry with powerful savoury flavours. This fino is tangy and crisp with flavours of almonds and green olives and some yeasty notes.

Tabanco Dry Amontillado Jerez NV SPAIN

This is a dry, medium-bodied sherry. It has aromas of figs, walnuts, oranges, but there isn't the sweetness on the palate that you get with other styles of sherry. It has nutty, yeasty flavours

Strong characters

Draught Beers & Ciders

Malty and hoppy, or tangy and juicy? It’s win-win.

Price listed is by the pint. See description for 1/2 pint price. Please ask one of our team for prices of premium ales.

£ 5.50

Half-Pint (£2.75)

Birra Moretti
£ 6.20

Half-Pint (£3.10)

£ 6.20

Half-Pint (£3.10)

Timothy Taylor Ale
£ 5.50

Half-Pint (£2.75)

Hornes Brewery
£ 5.50

Half-Pint (£2.75)

£ 5.50

Half-Pint (£2.75)

Thatchers Gold
£ 5.50

Half-Pint (£2.75)

Bottled Beers & Ciders

Estrella Damm
£ 4.90
£ 4.70
Tiger Beer
£ 4.40
Ghost Ship Pale Ale 0.5%
£ 4.20
Heineken 0%
£ 4.70
Bulmers Original
£ 4.90
Old Mout All Flavours
£ 5.10
Old Mout. Pineapple & Raspberry 0%
£ 4.20
Aspalls Cider
£ 4.90
Something softer

soft drinks

Not naughty, but still very nice.

Still Water (330ml)
£ 3.95
Sparkling Water (330ml)
£ 2.10
Fever Tree Original, Light, Elderflower
£ 2.60
Fever Tree Lemon & Mediterranean
£ 2.60
Fever Tree Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer
£ 2.60
£ 3.20
£ 3.20
Tomato Juice
£ 2.25
Cranberry Juice
£ 2.25
Pineapple Juice
£ 2.25
Red Bull
£ 3.50

On Tap

Pepsi (Large)
Pepsi Max (Large)
Lemonade (Large)
Pepsi (Small)
Pepsi Max (Small)
Lemonade (Small)


Blended and brewed

hot drinks menu

Our Swiss-manufactured coffee machine freshly grinds our beans for every cup of coffee and offers a range of authentic espresso-based coffees combined with fresh, cold textured milk for your pleasure. Our coffee is supplied by Sussex-based specialty roaster Craft House Coffee and is sourced responsibly from some of the finest coffee farms around the world.

Pot of Tea
£ 2.55
Pot of Flavoured Tea
£ 2.65

Peppermint, Earl Grey, Green, Decaf Breakfast, Super Berries, Camomile

Liqueur Coffee
£ 6.25
Iced Coffee
£ 3.05
Single Espresso
£ 1.40
Double Espresso
£ 2.55
£ 2.85
Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Mocha, Hot Chocolate
£ 3.25
Shot of Vanilla or Caramel Syrup
£ 0.75

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It’s the perfect moment. Book now and you can look forward to an occasion of seasonal flavours and a great atmosphere you’ll want to enjoy time and time again. See you soon.