Wood fired pizza

A slice of authenticity

There’s a good reason why pizza is often mentioned amongst the world’s favourite dishes. It’s because it’s delicious of course! The combination of bubbling cheese, sweet-sharp tomato, and freshly cut toppings. All handmade and baked crisp in a wood-fired oven?…who can resist?

But it goes far deeper than that. There’s an honesty to pizza isn’t there? A humble simplicity that makes for an eating experience which is both comforting, and exquisite. All at once.

However (and this is only our opinion) not all pizzas are created equal. This is to say that, whilst most pizza is bound to be tasty for the obvious reasons, some pizza is on a different level entirely.

At the Old Red Lion, we’re pretty serious about our pizza. That’s why we’ve considered each and every element, from the ingredients through to cooking to guarantee the most authentic Italian pizza experience in every slice.

Take the flour we use in our homemade dough for example. It’s Caputo Flour from Naples. Absolutely perfect for pizza crusts and favoured by pizza chefs all across Italy. Then there’s our cheese, which is specially selected and sourced from sustainable, and local community dairy suppliers.

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Ali is our dedicated pizza chef. He’s passionate about all things pizza and uses a traditional wood-fired oven to bake every pizza to a crisp perfection before boxing and sealing it. Yum!

We believe part of the pleasure of an authentic pizza is about how, and where you eat it. Some like to sit at the table and use a knife and fork, while others prefer to kick back on the sofa and just grab a slice. Luckily, at the Old Red Lion, you can do both.

With our order and collect service, you can place your order by phone, then pop in to pick up your piping hot pizza, freshly baked and sealed to-go. Alternatively, you can drop by to make an order, and Ali will prepare your pizza whilst you soak up the friendly atmosphere with a glass of something refreshing in the garden. Then you can choose to enjoy your pizza with us, or take it away. Easy!

Here’s some comments from our recent diners.

‘’We had the takeaway pizzas and I’m absolutely thrilled they have vegan options! I loved my vegano with extra chill. Fantastic work’’

‘’A great traditional pub food menu & a serious pizza oven… the homemade dough rests for 48 hrs for proper authentic pizza here in Great Brickhill!’’

“Stone baked pizzas are amazing, I recommend you go & try yourself you won’t be disappointed.’’

Ready for your first Old Red Lion pizza experience? We don’t blame you!
Give us a call on 01525 261 715 or drop in to place an order while you wait.

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